Happy Saturday! I’m super excited because today is the Taylor Swift Concert and I’ve been looking forward to it for months! I can’t wait!

I am a little nervous though, now that I’m sober it’s going to be a completely different experience then concerts have been in the past. But it’s can’t be a bad because honestly who says I wish I drank? Hardly anyone… well… let’s not go there. Regardless I’m super excited because I’m a HUGE T.Swift fan.

On another note, yesterday kind of sucked. It was a ridiculously long day at work, everyone was aggravating as all hell and I barely slept. But I guess that’s part of being an adult right? At least the evening ended well and I spent a few hours hanging out with Apple Pie aka this super cute boy I met and I certainly didn’t mind that 🙂

I’ve also been getting really into this band, Anthem Lights. They mainly do covers but they’re phenomenal. My favorite so far is their 2012 Mash Up which you can find on YouTube. In honor of T.Swift, here’s their “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

I’m off to the gym! Enjoy 🙂