I really can’t believe it is already Wednesday. It feels like I’ve been home from Mexico for a week already but it’s only been three days.

I have to admit, I was super angry yesterday. I was in such a bad mood from the moment I cried myself to sleep Monday night to the moment I got home from work on Tuesday afternoon. It wasn’t until I went to my second job as a cheerleading coach last night that I finally felt like I could breathe. Apple Pie finally responded to me, I was at a place where I was in control and could help and teach others, and even did a little bit of crafting. Just painting a canvas green but it was more relaxing then I had anticipated it being. For some reason I just had such a rush of anger, resentment, sadness and frustration all at once and was completely and utterly overwhelmed. But what I’m learning through the good and the bad days is that I need to put the “first things first” which needs to be myself each and everyday. 

Today isn’t a walk in the park, I have a few last minute details to workout at my office job and a few lost packages but it’s not the end of the world: it’s life. Which reminds me of what Apple Pie said to me a few days ago while we were in his hot tub, sexy I know, but he said something along the lines of “That’s just life. Life changes, people change and shit happens. You decide how it does or does not interfere with your life.” He’s just so spiritual, poetic and philosophical huh? But not really, just honest and straight to the point. It’s comments like that just come up in a normal conversation, one where I’m not looking or giving advice, one where we are just talking as two “normal” people that seem to stick to me and actually have meaning. It’s funny how some things play into everyday life without even noticing in the moment. 

So this crafts project I’m working on is for Apple Pie. While I was in Mexico I bought him this tree bark artwork that has a few different symbols with different meanings engraved on it: passion, family, continuation of life, and acceptance, all of the things I think he needs in his life. It sounds corny but what else was I supposed to get a recovering addict/alcoholic from Mexico? A shot glass would be totally inappropriate and he’s into art.

Anyway, back to the actual project. I bought this piece of artwork and thought it was totally lame to just hand him a piece of wood bark so I decided to spice it up a bit. I went to AC Moore, my favorite place besides Michael’s, and bought a white canvas. Then I painted it a pale, metallic, green because green is his favorite color and let it dry overnight. The next step, is to find a battery operated light to attach to the wood frame on the back side of the canvas. I want a battery operated light because that way when it gets put on the wall it doesn’t need to be plugged in, just turned on and makes it easier to hang wherever. After I get the light, I’m going to poke little holes in the canvas to tie the the bark artwork to the canvas using fishing wire, clear and strong which is exactly what I need for this. And done! Turn the light on and the green will shine through the artwork and it will be sturdy, and pretty, enough to hang on the wall. 

I’m hoping I get finish it today so I can give it to him later when I see him. I think I’m seeing him later… who really knows. Regardless I’ll feel better knowing I accomplished something today. Oh those mastery tools, how they come in handy.