Yes, it’s Tuesday October 22, 2013 and yes it has actually been that long since I last posted.. SORRY!

Life has sort of gotten in the way but I HOPE and I’m going to TRY to start posting every few days again. 

Since I moved to back to New York for school at the end of August my life has been a world wind. My eating disorder picked up speed for a few days and my addition has been trying to fight its way back, both are doing push ups in the corner of the ring while I’m waiting in the center to take them both head on. But I haven’t been “fighting” them as much lately. A young women said to me a few weeks ago “Stop fighting and start surrendering.” I don’t know why but this especially has stuck with me.

I’ve heard so many great things over the past few weeks from friends and treatment providers but what I’m learning is that I can’t rely on everyone to pull me through. I need to be the one to do it, and so do you all. If you’re doing something to please or shut someone else up, it’s not going to last too long and you won’t be very successful. The drive to better yourself must come from within. At the end of the day, all you have is yourself.

On a more fun note, it’s pledging season! Woot Woot! This means a new pledge class and more fun babies to treat me like a queen. Everywhere I go there’s at least 11 future Delta Gamma’s saying hello to me and asking how my day was, what’s better then that? Nothing, until they start buying my coffee too 🙂 Speaking of coffee, my mom gave me some delicious coffee to make at home, it’s called Cafe Jose. It’s the best coffee ever, like seriously. 

I mentioned that my eating disorder has been on a role lately and to help combat it I’ve been looking up good recipes and blogs, one of them which I may have posted on here before is The Healthy Foodie. SUCH GOOD RECIPES! Highly recommend it. Today’s lunch, the edamame hazelnut power salad. I made some changes and used walnuts instead of hazelnuts and omitted the buckwheat and put the salad in a pita pocket instead. 

This is it for now, more from me later 🙂