I know I said I would post more and I haven’t, I know I’m a huge slacker. BUT I’ve been working on stuff!

For starters, I’m getting my first internship… holey moley. I’m so excited and nervous and anxious but relived because I really didn’t think anyone would want me. I’ll be working with Simply The Scoop which officially launched yesterday, Monday Oct. 18. So exciting right? Please check it out!

Class, therapy, homework, Delta Gamma, Delta Gamma, Delta Gamma, class, therapy, class, meetings, meetings, meetings, Delta Gamma, class, homework, therapy… I think you guys get the point. That’s been my life for the past few weeks… and it’s almost over! This Friday I get to visit my long lost sister friend in Buffalo and then I’ll be home for Thanksgiving! Not so excited about the idea of Thanksgiving because I find it to be extremely stressful, like most people do. BUT there is a whole section on the Huffington Post devoted to giving thanks and letting go of stress. Thank the Lord!

I know society there is a whole lot of focus on food, especially during the holidays. Thanksgiving especially is a time of eating, eating, eating and no working out or thinking of what/how much you are putting into your body. So what can you do when everyone is stuffing their face with all kinds of high calorie, fattening food at the table? Lucky, EatingWell.com has a plethora of healthier (and still tasty) Thanksgiving dinner recipes.

On the topic, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware that Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday night, is the biggest party night of the year. So be careful when traveling, used a designated driver, OR just stay in for the night and prepare some delicious, healthy food for the next day. I mean who doesn’t love freshly made pie?

Well that’s it for now, I hope to be back sooner rather then later.